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8 Tips To Help You Find The Right Wedding Caterer

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Getting married soon? We have carefully researched helpful tips to help you find the right caterer for your wedding.

Catering is one important area in planing your wedding. A well organized catering service can literally save the day.

1. Budget Factor
Don’t go looking out for caterers until you know what you’re willing to spend. Coming up with a food and drink budget early not only helps you figure out which catering outfit you can afford to hire, it also allows those caterer to cater streamline their proposal to your needs. A budget allows a caterer to come up with options ‎within your budget means. ‎

2. Recommendation From Venues.
Most venues will have a list of preferred vendors, which is a great starting point in your search. It’s comforting to know that the caterers have worked at the venue before and have lived up to their high standards. But that doesn’t mean you have to go with a preferred vendor. If none of the caterers on their list feel right, ask your venue if they can recommend other vendors. Hopefully you can select one that suits your budget means. ‎

3. Request For Proposals.
Comparing the cost of se‎rvices and menu options is important. Request for proposals from caterers will help you make a good decision. Ask for specifics! It’s your job to tell the caterer how many guests your are expecting and what style but it’s their job to propose the number of appetizers, courses, waiters, and other necessary services. This headcount is important when you’re comparing proposals — you don’t want anyone complaining over not being served. ‎Many catering venodrs also allow you to buy the alcohol separately, and still provide a serving team or bartender. ‎

4. The Wares Matter.
Most venue provide tables, chairs, linen and most often dinner wares.‎ Find‎ out if the caterers do. Most do, or partner with a rental company that does. While this may be an extra fee, coordinating these essential rentals through one company will be a lot easier than balancing two or three companies to set your tables.

5. Communication Matters
How the food tastes is a key component to any catering vendor, but how they treat their clients is even more telling. If a vendor is slow to get back to you, gets details like your names, your wedding date, or the number and name of proposed guest‎ swrong in their proposal, or is bad at getting back to you with questions, consider crossing them off your list. Attention to detail will be a key factor on your wedding day, and if they can’t impress you now, they won’t impress you on your big day.‎

6. Arrange for Tasting With Your Choices
Here’s where things get tricky! A lot of catering companies do not provide tastings until you’ve signed the dotted line — but imagine your never tasted their food! We recommend you have a tasting event scheduled with your choice vendors. With this, you get to know how their food taste like before the day.‎ If the caterer still insists on being hired before a tasting, and you really love their menu, include a clause in the contract that allows you to dissolve the agreement if the tasting doesn’t meet your standards — and schedule that tasting early! Just keep in mind you may lose your deposit.‎

7. Ask Their Previous Clients For Review.
So you’ve picked a caterer and want to sign the dotted line. Great! Before you do, read reviews from previous clients or talk to friends and family who have used their services before. Quality of the wait staff, attention to detail, and making sure the bride and groom are fed are details that can make or break a wedding — and you wouldn’t know how they stack up without the experience of other brides and grooms.‎

8. Finalize Your Contract And Choose Your Menu.
Sign the contract after creating a finalized proposal, which outlines the total cost of your food and drink, including the menu, the catering staff, linens and party rentals, and any additional fees. Set up a time for a tasting of your full menu. Pro tip: If you changed your mind about a menu item, replace it before your actual tasting. You should be trying all of the food you expect to see at the wedding then and may not have another chance to try swaps after your final tasting.


We hope th tips helped.

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